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iQue Group’s Learning Practice focuses on building a culture of continuous learning – from the technology required to the learning architecture and culture – and everything in between. Through our practice leaders and core consultants, we have vast experience in all areas of learning and development.

Learning Architecture

Achieve your vision for learning with a roadmap.

Make the most of shrinking budget dollars by building your learning assets in line with a well-constructed learning architecture that delivers the right information, how and when you need it.

Learning architectures are roadmaps that provide the foundation you need to guide you in achieving your vision for learning. iQue Group partners with you to create a learning architecture that uses the latest learning approaches, eliminates redundancies, appropriately integrates assets and helps identify critical gaps and capabilities in your learning strategy. Ultimately, your organization’s learning architecture streamlines costs while ensuring that development is directly tied to business outcomes.

Instructional Design

Engage learners through solid, adaptable designs.

Give your company a competitive advantage by using cutting-edge instructional design techniques aimed at engaging learners in memorable and meaningful experiences.

Learning is ever changing and new trends and methods crop up regularly. From learners wanting access to discreet chunks of information quickly and in the moment, to mobile learning and blended programs, new learning methods continue to emerge. At the core of any approach to learning, regardless of the trend, are solid instructional design principles and techniques that engage learners in the experience. iQue Group’s instructional design expertise is unrivaled and easily applied to the full range of learning approaches and trends – constantly achieving a connection between the learner’s experience, the learning environment and the business goals you want to achieve.

Blended Program Development

Facilitate continuous learning.

Propel the long-term results your business achieves through learning by moving from one-time learning events to a continuous, blended learning experience.


Adopting a continuous, blended approach to learning is more than simply moving from an instructor-led approach to on-line learning, which basically exchanges a one-time learning event for another. Continuous, blended approaches provide learners with access to a variety of learning methods that appeal to a variety of learning styles and pique their interest to keep coming back for more. iQue Group knows that one size does not fit all and that often the moment dictates the need. By providing a mix of live and virtual events, eLearning, mobile solutions and more, we enable learners to capture the knowledge they need – when they need it and how they like to receive it.


Increase the speed to learning.

Extend the reach of learning to employees, regardless of their location, by using the right approach to eLearning.

“We need to reach 10,000 people about our new process and do it fast!” Is this a common dilemma facing your organization? If so, eLearning can be a valuable alternative to traditional training. However not all eLearning courses are created equal. iQue Group works with you to assess your specific eLearning needs and determine if you need a rapid solution, awareness training or higher-level knowledge transfer. Once we know the type of eLearning that best meets your needs, we create an e-solution that best addresses the need, which could be a stand-alone approach or a combination of rapid eLearning courses, eBooks, or virtual learning sessions. You can be confident that our experience goes far beyond the traditional eLearning course.

Mobile Solutions

Put learning into the hands of your employees.

Integrating learning assets into the ever-increasing use of mobile devices advances continuous learning in your organization and keeps your company competitive.


Mobile learning is evolving into a practical, effective way to provide a range of learning assets to employees. Entering into the mobile learning space begins with crafting a strategy for mobile learning for your company. What type of learning assets work best with mobile learning? What learning objectives are best achieved through mobile delivery? What type of infrastructure is needed to support mobile learning? Where is the best place to begin with this approach? iQue Group has consulted for years with organizations to help them implement a mobile strategy. We team with partners skilled at creating mobile applications, leveraging our deep knowledge of instructional design to create a winning combination for your organization.

Learning Technology

Get the “bang for your buck” from your learning platform.

Learning technology is often the backbone of a learning organization. Yet many organizations wonder if they are reaping the full value of their technology or whether they need to investigate new platforms to replace homegrown or older technology


Assessing, evaluating, auditing and seeking to purchase learning technology can be a daunting proposition. Learning organizations are often bombarded by various vendors with various features and systems. iQue Group doesn’t sell technology products, so we’re able to provide you with objective insight into your learning technology needs. Because we are product-agnostic – yet extremely well-versed in the various features and benefits of many learning platforms – we can provide you with objective insight and advice on your technology needs. So whether you need an audit of your current platform, a new learning technology strategy, or assistance with a platform purchase or implementation, we can help you make sure you maximize the return on your technology investments.

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